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I just finished reading this wonderful article posted at Antiques Avenue, and anyone with a passion for old jewelry – from seasoned collector to new enthusiast – would do well to read this piece.

Modern reproductions or “vintage look” jewelry is cropping up everywhere, filling cases at antique stores and cramming the listing queues on eBay.  Without a real understanding of what to look for, it is easy to mistake a fine reproduction for a real original.  Sadly, such a mistake can mean that the purchaser overpaid for the piece.

As someone who grew up enjoying vintage jewelry (my mother and grandmother both had extensive jewelry collections, and mom spent years selling costume jewelry at swap meets and flea markets), I have always had a hard time articulating how to identify modern reproductions of vintage pieces.  To me, a piece of vintage jewelry has a certain “feel” to it that gives a clue to its age.  Fortunately, Antiques Avenue has a much better grasp on articulating the components that make up that “feel” which can give clues to a piece’s authenticity.  The article features sixteen simply written bullet points, each one pointing to a clue that can lend some authority to a particular piece’s authenticity.  Thank you, Antiques Avenue, for this eminently useful read.


Since jadeite has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, pieces of new manufacture touted as vintage originals have been cropping up on eBay.  Without the benefit of an in-person inspection or a lot of knowledge about jadeite, a new buyer can easily be duped into spending a lot of money for a new item, believing it to be a rare vintage piece.  Today I came across a website that had some excellent information on reproduction and modern jadeite pieces.

Sparke Plenty” is a lovely site showcasing all kinds of depression era glassware.  Their jadeite “reproduction alert” page features photos and descriptions of jadeite pieces of new manufacture.  Their information is good and it even identifies the origin of some of the “fantasy” or reproduction pieces.  This is an excellent resource for anyone new to jadeite collecting, and a good read for anyone who has been wondering where all of these crazy jadeite pieces have been coming from.

Bag Lady University is an amazing site that collects articles and information about vintage handbages, including our beloved lucite and bakelite purses.  The site, in Wiki format, is a little strange to navigate for those unfamiliar to the Wiki layout, but it is well worth exploring for the wealth of knowledge that lies therein.

The site is most usefully organized by material and by manufacturer, so browsing lucite purses generally is a few clicks away, and reading about a particular maker, such as Rialto or Charles Kahn, is simple.  The real value in the site, however, is the existence of a ton of source material.  Dated magazine clippings and adverts are the real gem at Bag Lady University.

From Bag Lady University:

BLU is my first stop whenever researching a new purse, and it is definitely one of the most extensive collections of source material related to lucite and bakelite purses.  Enjoy!