Bag Lady University is an amazing site that collects articles and information about vintage handbages, including our beloved lucite and bakelite purses.  The site, in Wiki format, is a little strange to navigate for those unfamiliar to the Wiki layout, but it is well worth exploring for the wealth of knowledge that lies therein.

The site is most usefully organized by material and by manufacturer, so browsing lucite purses generally is a few clicks away, and reading about a particular maker, such as Rialto or Charles Kahn, is simple.  The real value in the site, however, is the existence of a ton of source material.  Dated magazine clippings and adverts are the real gem at Bag Lady University.

From Bag Lady University:

BLU is my first stop whenever researching a new purse, and it is definitely one of the most extensive collections of source material related to lucite and bakelite purses.  Enjoy!